Who Are We

MENNAS database only contains full details on all its clients, including the taken and their post sales appraisal data. MENNAS uses this data to encourage satisfied customers to recommend it to friends, relatives , colleagues, and employers. There is considerable research to support the argument that the more often a potential client hears about you the more likely they are to approach you when they have a need for your type of service. Referral business opportunity is the best tip on keeping one's advertisement budget very low but at the same time boosting one's sales.

Shareholding & Directorship

LAINE MENNAS P/L is a wholly Zimbabwean owned company promoted by two shareholders who have an 50: 50S % controlling stake apiece. The shareholders are currently the directors who have acquired enough experience over the years required to guide the company realize set objectives.

MENNAS is split into three main departments namely: · Procurement and logistics (Operations ensure the products and services are delivered to the customers according to their expectations). · Sales and Marketing - these are responsible for product, service awareness and sales.